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We sell Turkish Boer Goat, we will provide you with well bred and healthy Boer goats, which are available at affordable prices. Whether you want to raise pedigree breeding stock on your farm for healthy meat, or as the breeding stock we will help. Get in touch with us today!

All the animals are reared on our small farm. They are well cared for during their lives with us and we can guarantee the traceability of our meat. The majority are born on the farm but we do bring in some male goat kids from dairy herds in batches of 30 about 3 or 4 times a year from Australia that would otherwise be culled out at birth.

Producing weaning rates in excess of 160% the Boer goat doe is a low maintenance animal that has sufficient milk to rear a kid that is early maturing. The mature Boer Goat ram weighs between 110-135 kg (~240-300 lbs) and ewes between 90 and 100 kg (~200-225 lbs).

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