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Though it may be tempting to preheat the oven for a pizza after a long day at the office, making time to create a well-rounded meal has miraculous benefits, especially when your meal includes fish. Many species of fish are high in fat-based nutrients and dietary vitamins that can prevent serious health risks later in life. Whether oven-roasted, pan-roasted, or grilled, our scrumptious selection of bronzini fish will boost weeknight meals or special occasions. Serve these tasty, silvery fish over salad or Mediterranean-style for a flavorful savory treat.

While some people may know the bronzini fish better as the Mediterranean sea bass, this fish tastes surprisingly like red snapper and is similar in appearance and size to a medium-sized trout. To enhance the flavor, add citrus accents and bold spices utilizing ingredients such as lemons, black pepper, fresh thyme, garlic, and coarse sea salt. Bronzini fish pairs well with roasted vegetables or rice. This fish is typically ordered whole with the head on, but we can absolutely accommodate your cleaning preferences by beheading and filleting your custom order in advance. Approximate weight per bronzini fish is one to two pounds, so you can plan your meals accordingly based on your serving needs.

Our goal is to deliver the freshest fish you can find locally or anywhere online. Browse our exceptional selection today and dare to be bold by introducing fish into your weekly meal preparations. Your family and your health will thank you.

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