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Healthy cooking can be fun and delicious, especially when experimenting with seafood or river delicacies. Our whole fresh flounder is sure to please even the pickiest eaters – just don’t show them the “before” photo! Although flounder aren’t the prettiest fish, they boast a lean and flaky texture, firm flesh, and sweet flavor that’s only accentuated with the right seasonings. Whether pan-fried, broiled, poached, sautéed, or grilled, you can create an unforgettable meal with two or three of our fresh flounder fillets. Prepare our flounder with the skin on to achieve astonishing flavor! We ship fresh fish straight to your door using special cold packs to keep optimum temperatures throughout the shipping process. Stock up on all your favorite fish today, and you can even qualify for free shipping to select states by spending $200 or more.


Instant meals may seem tempting after a long day, but making time to create a well-rounded meal has miraculous benefits. By stocking up on six pounds of our whole fresh flounder, you’re guaranteed a few healthy meals that are worthy of any fine dining restaurant. Pair this flavorful fish with spicy rémoulade, roasted tomatoes, cream sauce, or toasted coconut for a sensational main course. Our goal is to deliver the best wild-caught and fresh flounder you can find locally or anywhere online. Browse our exceptional selection today and dare to be bold by introducing fish into your weekly meal repertoire.

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